Meet the Writer

My name is Joan Fernandez and I have always thought of myself as a writer. It’s how I’ve described myself to friends, have pursued a career that always included writing and for years wrote epic Christmas letters. But kids and work and life got in the way of writing for me. A few years ago I joked, “You know what will be on my epitaph? ‘She always said she’d write a book, but then she never did.’”

Joan Snyder Fernandez

Our laughter faded out.

So in the fall of 2015 I took the first steps toward writing.  Right now I’m a memoirist; yet, to my happy discovery, as ideas have come to me they’ve folded in not just my stories but others’ experiences and ideas.  The themes have fallen into topics like exploration, creativity and connection.  It’s been a joy to get reader feedback on how the stories and musings have touched hearts.

My professional career has been in marketing and communications for 35 years, mostly in St. Louis. I did take a break of almost a decade to live in NYC, marry a cool guy and then raise two babies as a stay-at-home mom. Now I’m moving toward transitioning into writing more often and have loved the struggle.  (If you’d like to read my professional background here’s my LinkedIn profile.)

So, whether the blogs are read out of friendship or curiosity, the best part of this work has been finding that the stories connect. I hope they connect with you too.