Conspiracy Theories

A funny thing happened on the way to last Monday’s email…our internet went down. And then we moved my makeshift work area (setup on the dining room table) back to my newly carpeted office, but didn’t finish getting everything in order. And then I travelled to San Francisco. So logistics and time were against me and I decided not to force-fit an email into your Monday inbox last week.

Here’s a thought related to tomorrow’s blog:

Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Got Cut
Tomorrow’s newsletter explores theories about random and maybe-not-so-random events. Can you conspire to make them happen? Here’s a little illustration that got cut:

I am heaving a bulky phonebook onto a table, combing my memory for anyone I know in NYC. I have just arrived; I am unnerved. The friend-of-a-friend I’d arranged to share an apartment with has turned out to be a hoarder; the piles are claustrophobic and I feel far from home. My good friend Peter had answered his phone but he is house-sitting on Long Island and a long train ride away. Then I think of Betsy – though barely an acquaintance I suddenly remember I’d heard through the grapevine that she’s in New York -- I find her name and call. 

Unhesitatingly, she responds: “You just moved here? I get it! Meet me uptown,” and with some instructions on what bus to take, I am out the door. 

It is the only evening I spend with Betsy. She kindly unraveled Manhattan’s street labyrinth, chatted calmly over dinner, and answered my endless questions. In hindsight the evening was a lifeline, for before long I had my street legs under me, found work, moved to another apartment, made new friends. I didn’t see her again.

Was my encounter with Betsy random? I’ll be interested in what you think about this and tomorrow’s blog.

Until then!