You Never Know

Here’s a quote that’s a bit of a follow-up from the Un-random Acts blog last week:

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon will be too late.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote spoke to me. I feel as though I often think of kind gestures but then allow really lazy reasons to delay or bypass opportunities. 

It relates to the beginnings of next week’s newsletter too, though I'm not sure whether the final newsletter will include it. Today’s email marks the 15th week of following my desire to begin writing via weekly emails and the bi-weekly blog. Among the things I’ve learned so far… the newsletters never end up where they start. So the following excerpt “Weekly Snippet” may or may not show up in the final:

From the doorway of our bedroom I see that the blinking light of our answering machine has a message waiting. I’m yanking on a suitcase handle, its wheel stubbornly resisting rolling over the door jamb. One more pull and I stumble a little making my way to the phone.

It’s late on a Sunday night. We’ve returned from a long weekend to Tulsa. Won at a fundraiser, the 2-night package was a surprise. My husband and I had shrugged, why not? We’d never been to the city. The package included a night at The Mayo Hotel, a steak dinner and brunch the next day. It was a 7-hour drive but we found an open weekend with the bonus of comedian Chris Tucker doing a Tulsa show on the same dates. Folk singer/composer Woody Guthrie has a museum there (“This Land is Your Land” ), downtown has tons of art deco and there’s even a stretch of the old highway 66 with a whale in a nearby pond. You don’t see that everyday.

Now we were home and I’m pushing the Play button. There’s a pause and then a female voice: “Joan? I hope I have the right number. Joan, this is Linda, Mike xxxx’s wife. Joan, I’m calling to let you know Mike died in August. We are... Carol and I are doing all right. Would you call me please? I’d like to talk with you.” She leaves a number. The machine falls silent.

It’s a story with the potential to write about friendships.

In everything we do we believe in pushing through boundaries and the edges of limitation. And right now, the way we push through boundaries is to share ideas and stories. Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful week!