Excellent Conspiracy

Hey, it’s Monday! Here’s a cool quote:

Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I like feeling that the universe is on my side. It’s just that sometimes the path to get to the decision I’ve made can feel more like a zig zag instead of a straight line. (Darn it; I think that’s when the learning happens!)

After last week’s Monday quote about being “coachable,” I heard from a friend who added that she had found out that being open to learning, or being coachable, can be obstructed by excuses or defensiveness. It made me think of all the times I’ve said automatic “no’s” as an excuse, when in hindsight I suspect I was lazy or even afraid of doing something new. So this idea of continuous learning is a possible theme for tomorrow’s blog.

I write possible because I just came back from a rabble-rousing weekend with my mom and her friend Mary Ellen in Fort Collins, Colorado! They got into the Western spirit of things with their six-shooters and there was no way any blog writing was going to happen with all my ducking.

Weekly Snippet
If the topic does become continuous learning I have an example in the blog about some well-known people:

I read that Albert Einstein made an effort to “rewire” his thinking in order to figure out ways to think differently by learning to play the violin. His wife Elsa claimed it helped him think through his theories. Winston Churchill took up painting landscapes in order to exercise thinking from a different perspective. Both of them said these activities helped them develop their abilities to think in new ways.

Playing the violin! Painting landscapes too. Before I read this I thought I had no time to take up a new pursuit. These examples made me pause. So in the spirit of living by believing in pushing through boundaries and the edges of limitation, I hope to have some ideas and stories tomorrow.

On with the day and your universe-conspiring decisions!