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We are flying over the skies of Texas now. On our final leg back to St. Louis from our trip to Palo Alto. What a beautiful time we had: First the food: dim sum for lunch where carts of Asian potstickers and tiny spare ribs kept swinging by the table. Dinner with family and friends (another Asian restaurant) where we stuffed ourselves on Indonesian corn fritters and drunken noodles and mushroom dumplings. Cappuccino from a North Beach Italian cafe and feather light angel hair pasta from Vaso Azzuro Restaurante in Mountain View. 

Then there was our encounters with Mother Nature -  a visit to the wild whipping winds of the beach coastline outside Half Moon Bay, a partial drive down the Pacific Coast Highway where we discovered a pie ranch (and sampled a strawberry tart) and then a white-knuckle drive through winding switchback roads to see gorgeous redwood giants in Big Basin Redwood State Park. 

But the best part of the weekend, of course, was seeing our son Eric.

Eric ran in his race Sunday night and missed qualifying by what came down to a few seconds per lap. In fact, so did his other three teammates. It was a chilly night — the race wasn’t run until 9:50pm PST — but we were warmed by his cousins (and their significant others) who trekked out from San Francisco to cheer him on. 

So it was a bummer. What does the playbook read on how to handle setbacks? I think part of it is how to process feelings of disappointment or frustration and to refocus. I think this is a page I want to pay attention to more. 

Next up for our son: Half marathon races!

I’ll be back in touch next week!

Thank you for your support,


P.S. By the way, I have to up my workouts with all of that good eating...