Wooooeeeeee it’s been hot here!

‘Flirting with 100 degrees this weekend so I have a cool quote for you from an inimitable man:

Don’t count the days; make the days count.
Mohammed Ali

I know that headlines and blogs have been full of stories about Mohammed Ali since his passing early this month. His one-liners and poetry already had a place in my constantly growing cache of quotes. If you remember the film clips of him before and after fights you can imagine his voice, brash and boastful, and I like how this one is a  good message for the week ahead.

Speaking of creative messaging we had an early start to the weekend by going to an Avett Brothers concert on Thursday night. Explosively energetic, joyful and rambunctious, the band and brothers leaped and skipped around the stage with beautiful artistry in their lyrics and musical talent. They blew us away so much that I spent the car ride back home googling where there next concert was headed, seriously overcome with groupie-ism.

Two other highlights:  Juan and I golfing purposefully in order to outrun the high heat temps of Saturday afternoon and then cooling off in a movie theater later that night totally entertained by X-men: Apocalypse. (Spoiler alert: The world almost ends!)

Today we spent industriously dusting and vacuuming and sprucing up (not) for our two kids visit this coming week (yay!)

Weekly Snippet
This is cheating a little because instead of sharing what I’m working on for the next blog I want to quote something from a slim volume I’ve been reading one essay at a time. Called Essays After Eighty, it’s by Donald Hall, 2006 US Poet Laureate. I’m researching older adults at work and so his candor and humor add a lift of voice to the parade of stats in which I sometimes find myself nodding off. The following excerpt is from the essay, “Thank You, Thank You” about a poetry reading Hall headlined:

    In a question period I launched into my familiar rant…This afternoon I was obsessed with clichés using disability metaphors: the crippled economy, blind ambition, deaf to entreaties, the paralysis of industry, and…

    At the end I summed up my argument. Guileless, I said, “All these metaphors are lame.”

    Why was everyone laughing?

Ha! I feel that way sometimes when the language leaps up and I’m as entertained as anyone by a turn of phrase that seems to appear out of nowhere.

May your days be cool and countable this week!