Risk's Reward

It’s funny how when you start thinking about even a remote idea all of the sudden complimentary themes start popping up in new places all around you. On Friday I read this quote in a weekly note from marketer Dan Blank.

Life shrinks and expands in direct proportion to one’s willingness to take on risk.
-Casey Neistat

You’ve taken on risk! I think we have that in common. 

What Got Cut
Tomorrow’s blog took on a lot of shapes before landing where it did. You’ll see that I celebrate friendship, which was really fun to do because a TON of fun came to mind while drafting it. The spirit of the newsletter should be the message that in everything we do we believe in pushing through boundaries and the edges of limitation.  The way we push through boundaries is to share ideas and stories so I wrote a backstory for a while to explore that time. Here’s an excerpt:

Pam and Vicki are important. It [the story] represents a successful prank that got turned on its head.  What matters to me the most? We bucked the system by doing something that was fun and freeing and were rewarded for being ourselves. Would people make fun of us? We pushed through the worry that others would think we were ridiculous.

What kind of change was happening for women?

Traditional studies of music, education, religion were giving way to an increase of female majors in business, sciences and math. Role models started to come onto front stage right when we were forming ideas of what we would be doing. My brother had gotten engaged his senior year so he was following a familiar, traditional path. I wanted romance too (and had had it) and the white knight in shining armor -- but only flirtatious friendships -- not lifelong partners --  had come into our lives then.

Picked up some rebel juice by being a later boomer – desire to create change and make a difference. It’s wasn’t ALL about the Cinderella ending.

Enough said. Looking forward to checking in with you tomorrow.

You’ll find out why the kisses were stolen!