Happy Memorial Day!

It promises to be a beautiful day --  such a gift to have a day off from work! Of course it’s a day not just to enjoy sleeping in but to remember those who died while serving our country. I know I’m guilty of forgetting this when shopping to take advantage of retail sales. (In fact, this weekend we happily bought a new bed for a guestroom at a decent discount. Good news for our out-of-towners!)

However, this weekend we were not happy to learn about the tragic accidental death of our daughter and boyfriend’s dog, Chuck. In our mind’s eye we see him as wriggly and bulldog stubbornly and silly as ever. So often our wonderful pets reflect such unconditional, straightforward love. They are a gift. Chuck will be missed.

Here is a little tribute for sweet Chuck:

The truth I do not stretch or shove
When I state the dog isfull of love.
I've also found, by actual test,
A wet dog is the lovingest.
-Ogden Nash

Weekly Snippet
Another few weeks of intensity at my professional job so I’m not sure yet if the blog will come out tomorrow. Here’s a snippet of what’s in the works:

Failure, rinse, repeat:  I read that it took Dyson 5,126 failed attempts before it perfected the bagless vacuum cleaner. Steve Jobs invested in Pixar for nine years and credited getting fired from there as the reason he became a better CEO later. Flixer’s original entity was a gaming site but it changed to a photo service when it noticed its customers loving their photo sharing even while they didn’t adopt the gaming. Beethoven liked to play music in a different way and endured bad press and critics. Michael Jordan was kicked off of his high school basketball team.

Getting from zero to one and starting a new pursuit is hard enough. Don’t setbacks send the message to “quit while you’re ahead?”

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Hope you have a wonderful day,