I hope you had a wonderful weekend! St. Louis kept up its beautiful May sunshine but complemented it with a blustery, hat-flying wind. My husband and I celebrated the sunshine with a rousing 9-holes of golf in which I beat him by one stroke! First time all season that my drive was ON so consistently; I hope to keep it up. We ended the day at an organic farm-to-table restaurant with good friends. Think of mushrooms, rhubarb, honey comb - and that’s just a hint of how we decimated their larder.

If you’re reading this in the morning I am on a plane to Boston for a business trip. Forecast: rain but I am choosing to be sunny!

Here’s a Monday quote I thought you’d  like:

Two things are necessary for great achievement:  
A plan and not quite enough time. 
Leonard Berstein

Nothing like a deadline to try to get moving! Actually, despite my best efforts, I did run out of time last week and couldn’t get my newsletter out. Work duties called and I had to give them priority. So the next one is coming out tomorrow. 

Weekly Snippet
A paragraph that didn’t make the final cut:

Plus comic books were more innocent back then -- sure there was “pow!” violence and buxom ladies -- but pale in comparison to visuals today. In fact, I have an embarrassing parenting memory of hurriedly buying my son a comic book when he was about 9-years-old, thinking I was buying him a cool gift. It was cool, all right. Eric told me years later that the comic book was not meant for kids and he was wildly popular with his buddies by sharing it on the playground. 

Yes, this happened. You’ll see tomorrow that’s not the last of the parenting ah-ha moments.

Hasta mañana!