Adoring Chaos

Recently Juan and I were in Flagstaff visiting our son and his girlfriend Angie. The first night there we took advantage of a clear sky and visited Flagstaff’s observatory. Gazing through different telescopes we saw Jupiter and its moons, stars millions of miles away and close views of our moon’s craters. From far below the sky looked chaotic, much closer it looked synchronized.

We adore chaos because we love to produce order.
-M.C. Escher

That sounds like a description of my writing process!

What got cut this week? For a while I toyed with the idea of writing about memory. This week’s “on the cutting room floor” does give you an insight into one of my husband’s hidden talents even though it was ultimately cut:

In fact, my husband has a photographic memory. Like an old-fashioned roll-o-deck with one threadbare innocuous comment his head flips open and connects to a set of data and detail. The other night in a conversation with a stranger I learned his daughter was on a college rowing team. Juan inserted the comment that she must race the University of Jacksonville as they’d recently won the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference title. This launched a 10-minute discussion – really?

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The name of tomorrow’s blog is “Enigma.” Mysterious, right?