On pointe

appy Monday!

Here’s your quote to start your day:

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else.
I only try to dance better than myself.” 
-Mikhail Baryshnikov

When I was a little girl, learning to dance in a class with my sister Meg, Baryshnikov was famous. There was little danger of me dancing better than Meg. She was talented and I was the oldest in that class, towering over my sister and her friends, not too many illusions of grace here!

Later I learned that Baryshnikov grew up in communist Russia and early on expressed talent in ballet. However, the Soviet system of training dancers relegated him to secondary results because he was shorter than the ideal height. He couldn’t tower over female partners. Undeterred, he continued to dance for the Kirov Ballet, working to dance “better than myself.” In 1974, these efforts paid off when, on an international tour, he defected to Canada. Later he became the principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater. Today he is recognized as one of the greatest dancers of the twentieth century. 

So Baryshnikov’s quote is intriguing. Improving on his own standard versus trying to be better than others. 

Weekly Snippet
Tomorrow’s e-newsletter is still taking shape. My husband and I have just returned from an Easter weekend visiting our daughter Cristina and her boyfriend Jay in Kansas City. We got to check out their cute new house, see the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (great!) and try out plate after plate of tapas at Ricardo’s Spanish restaurant afterwards (we ate too much). Then Easter morning meant church and a brunch of granola French toast (we ate too much again).

So on the 4-hour drive home I tried not to get sleepy and instead cut and wrote and cut some more of tomorrow’s blog. It’s about connections. Here’s a bit of it:

I know I’m way behind others in connecting via Facebook to past friends. So strange that a polarization is occurring when connections are opening up and we can communicate instantly across the globe. For instance when Vicki and I (from Memphis and St. Louis) email our friend Pam she answers via her iPhone, nearly 5,700 miles and eight time zones away, from Greece.

More tomorrow. So grateful to be connected with you!