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Hi There, I'm an author.

Through blood, sweat and righteous tears I squeezed out the first draft of an historical fiction novel this year. Fingernail by fingernail I’m scaling up the cliff of writing a novel.

The climb is ‘cause it’s time. It’s my turn to write what I want to say.

Because after decades of (happily) writing for corporate entities, I’ve discovered I have to scrub off the sanitized language and emotional filters I’d implanted into my writing. Writing for others meant slipping on the coats of their voices. So, now that it’s my turn, my novel, it’s a joy to be revising and refining my own voice. Trying to tell a story about an unsung heroine. A woman who made a big impact and is only barely known. (Stay tuned…)

Meanwhile, I also write a newsletter every 3-4 weeks with stories about women who use determination and compassion to beat the odds. And I lead a workshop, “Jumpstart Your Art,” for people who have a creative urge they haven’t explored yet.

I retired as a general partner from a financial-services firm after a 22-year career in marketing. My colleagues were wonderful, and I did deep research into segments of people — like a generations (Millennials, Boomers, etc.) study, exploring insights around culture and race, research into differences between women and men, a deep dive into older adults, and how people sort into attitudinal segments when it comes to money.

You can see how I’m fascinated by the richness underneath surface demographics. We are so much more than the labels of skin color or gender or age.

I attended an awesome liberal arts college, Principia College, high up on Illinois bluffs overlooking the majestic Mississippi. Besides making lifelong friends and launching out of adolescent comfort, I majored in English. So, after a long professional career in business, check me out: It’s taken awhile, but I’ve come full circle to finally becoming an author.

Do you have a dream you’ve been putting off?





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Albert Einstein played the violin.
Beatrix Potter (The Tale of Peter Rabbit) was a natural scientist.
Benjamin Franklin created the harmonica.
Winston Churchill painted watercolors.

 What did these famous individuals discover? There’s an intricate connection between intellectual pursuit and artistic expression. Get a fresh jump-start through pursuing art.

Explore the untapped you.

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