Happy Monday,

This weekend’s gone by in a whirl! A Friday night dinner in a beer garden, a squeezed-in 9-holes of golf, a David Sanborn jazz concert and then today my husband prepared a delicious family brunch: crust-less veggie quiche, French Toast and lots of bacon. I’m still full. While you’re salivating here’s a quote I came across for this week:

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it

From Mary Oliver’s poem, “Sometimes”
This link has the entire poem.

The quote reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago. She told me, “Go into every day expecting to be surprised and then be surprised when you are!” Sounds counterintuitive, right? How can you expect to be surprised, and then be surprised…because aren’t you anticipating it? As goofy as it sounds, the idea was really fun because each day I felt a spark of recognition – there it is! There’s the surprise! – when it happened. The delights were small – like deciding to try a new item on the menu of a familiar restaurant – and it was delicious! Or starting out a business meeting with a familiar agenda – and a new idea pops up! Eventually other stuff swept into my days and I forgot about that little gem until reading May Oliver’s poem.

Weekly Snippet
Here’s a snippet from next week’s blog (which may or may not make it in).

I remember reading in Katherine Hepburn’s autobiography that as a little girl she used to climb high into the branches of a tree in their yard. An upset neighbor asked her mother, “Doesn’t she know how high she is?” Her mother responded, “ No, and don’t tell her.” What a lovely mom! I remember, too, climbing high up in the branches of evergreens outside our home on Crescent Drive. The evergreen branches made it easy to stay close to the trunk and like climbing a ladder, I’d pull myself up one branch at a time. Eventually, the branches would thin and I could look out over the roof of our house, out over the cornfields that stretched out beyond our backyard to see distant buildings of a college campus we lived near. Sometimes mom or dad’s voice would come from below, are you being careful? Yes! I felt both thrilled and a little unnervingly disconnected. In my own world, a secret vantage point, like a bird free and faraway.

Even then there was a spark of the spirit of this blog – to push through boundaries and the edges of limitation. Just the spark for this week!

Hope you have a good one!