No and Yes

Good morning!

Every time you’re saying no you’re saying yes to something else.
Rick Hayward and Emily Devers

The quote is from an artistic team in Brisbane, Australia. I was strolling through the internet and came across a global connection called Creative Mornings where I found Hayward and Devers. Creative Mornings is a series of free breakfast lectures that take place locally in participating cities around the globe (St. Louis doesn’t have one yet, but we’re surrounded — Kansas City, Chicago and Indianapolis all do). Happily the site features podcasts of the lectures for the rest of us!

The quote hooked my attention while I was working on the next blog especially because of the firestorm of tragedy this past week from Florida. Stories related to the Orlando night club murders have blanketed the media. I’m grateful we’ve had an outpouring of support at my work for our LGBT co-workers, publicly and privately. I wish we had a similar public forum for our Muslim co-workers. We are in the Islamic month of Ramadan right now, a prayerful period marked by fasting and blessing, which in itself demonstrates how grossly misrepresentative the claims of radical Islam are. I have precious, precious friends that are Muslim and gay who have given me the generous gift of friendship and love. Individuality is multi-faceted, colorful and beautiful and I’m so grateful for the good each of these friends has role-modeled for me.  

So to me the quote has lots of applications. Taking care not to be get mentally lazy. Being more aware of making choices versus going along with currents of arguments. Or as an artist to see that a “no” can definitively take you to a “yes.” I guess this is a good reflection of the hodgepodge of ideas the next blog is.

Which, by the way, will not come out tomorrow, but I’m working on it. As mentioned last week, Cristina and Eric came in for the weekend for Father’s Day, a St. Louis Cardinals game and a rolling procession of Juan’s delicious cooking. Since then Juan and I have caught a plane for northern Michigan to happily vacation with friends and then host a business meeting. Looking forward to the Upper Peninsula’s promise of cooler temperatures!

Here’s a bit of the blog-in-progress.

Weekly Snippet
Dishonesty, cruelty, selfishness, you name it -- can have teeny beginnings. A little wedge, a little excuse of justification. Because the next time, the next thought can be just a little bit bigger: instead of the paper clips, take a stapler (there’s so many in this office!). And the next time, the thought is a little bigger again (I’ll take home a ream of paper because I print work stuff out at home.) And so on and so on, each justification leaving the door open a little wider for the next act.

In everything we do we believe in pushing through boundaries. Since one of the ways to push through boundaries is to share ideas, there are a few stories that go along with that previous cut-out of copy. 

Yes! to this being a great day and week, no?