Top 10 Vincent van Gogh Quotes 

I am gifting you "The 10 Best Vincent van Gogh Quotes to Live a Life True to Yourself".

There are two downloads below: One version is a mini-poster of the quotes (no folding needed). The second version is a little zine you’ll need to print and fold.


The first version is a mini-poster of the quotes

(no folding needed).


What Inspired Me 

The 10 Best Quotes came about when I was researching my book about Jo van Gogh. Vincent died as an unknown artist. When his brother Theo (Jo’s husband) died six months later, Jo inherited all of Vincent’s work. After the brothers’ deaths, as a young widow and single mom, Jo tenaciously promoted Vincent for fifteen long years before he was acknowledged as great. The question needled me: Why did she work so hard for so long? What did she see in Vincent that others didn’t?


To shed light on these questions and get inside Vincent’s head, I decided to read the 902 letters Vincent wrote to Theo and others. (For more on the Crazy Letter Project read here.) I tackled the quest with a goal of reading ten letters a day. It took me months. Often a single letter could be several pages. Vincent’s letters run the gamut of angry, hilarious, encouraging, resilient, desperate, lovesick, but above all, persistent. He refused to let go of a relentless pursuit to put on canvas an energy of life and love he felt deeply. My heart broke and soared reading the letters. 


The quotes were culled from notes and lists. I truly love each one.

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The second version is a zine of the quotes (print and fold).